Aerial Photography

...with over 30 years of flying experience,
a former RC flight instructor on both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft & now a CAA PfCO Qualified & insured UAV pilot.

Aerial Art

A bird's eye view lends a totally unique perspective on any landscape or place, an ideal addition to a corporate video or brochure using high resolution photo/videos and VR 360 aerial panoramas, also useful for commercial property, construction, land and property inspections, sports and action, wedding group photos.

We also design and produce aw, logo’s brochures, websites etc. as well as aerial-images & videos.

Add a different angle

So can we fly in any weather?…

no, only in fine weather, bright with low winds are the best conditions, but can cope with upto 15 mph winds & can’t fly when its raining as the camera – electronics don’t like the water droplets.

Photo Sessions

Experts with Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance your image to perfection.

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Brochures,adverts, social media,
videos or websites

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Amazing 360 VR panoramas.

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Recent images

STIll or video

High resolution Images

… we can shoot still digital or video files. Stills are 20Mb Hi-Res RAW files, video is up to 4K HD Res broadcast quality.

Creative Solutions

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Even the most normal location can become a magical place.

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