A short list of our do’s and dont’s

Can you fly anywhere you wish?


The CAA issue rules to ensure safety to the public . We are bound by these rules as part of our insurance conditions. This Permission is granted subject to the following conditions, namely, that the said aircraft shall not be flown:

  • Above a height of 400 ft.
  • Over or within 150 metres of an open air assembly of more than 1000 persons.
  • Over or within 50 metres of persons, structure or vessel not under our control.
  • In a built up area, town or settlement.
  • In a manner that could cause an accident.

It may also be that you are in a geographical area that we are unable to fly in, due to restrictions, such as if your near to an airport or similar, please check with us first.
Please give us as much detail as you can. Although these rules may seem restrictive we can fly closer to people and property if they are under our control in accordance with our operating procedures.

Can you fly when its windy or raining?

We can’t fly in the rain as this effects the electronics in our equipment especially the camera; any water on the camera lens will just ruin any media capture. We can fly safely up to 20mph wind speed. Anything more is beyond the UAV’s safety working limits.
The wind does not affect the footage captured due to the incredible stability of the camera gimbal.

How long can you fly for?

 Each flight lasts between 9-12 minutes and we generally carry around ten batteries per aircraft and we bring chargers with us.

What files types do you supply?

Video is captured in AVCHD or MP4 format in full HD.
Photographs are captured in JPEG and RAW format.

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