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Spark Gimbal Repaired?

February 13, 2019
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February 13, 2019 admin

Spark Gimbal Repaired?

Attempting a repair/replacement of the DJI Spark gimbal… that crashed after a tree strike and fall into a puddle of water… so lets see how it goes…

Ok to get to the 2 screws that will release the gimbal from its dampening mount you need to remove the GPS unit the main motherboard lots of tiny screws and then release 6 minute plugs so that you get to these screws. Relatively simple.

Once you finally get to those 2 screws you can finally remove the camera and gimbal the take the camera out of the gimbal to swap to the new gimbal.

What is very obvious is how damn tiny everything is!! – Not easy on the eyes….or if you have sausage fingers!

Camera internals now swapped across to the new gimbal and more tiny plugs re attached. Then fixed back onto the Spark then the motherboard can be plugged back in – easier said than done! Next is to fit the body shell pop the battery in and hopefully it fires up ok.

So when it fired up the screen from the camera was blank, not video feed – but the drone started a flew as normal, so I decided to swap the gimbal back to the original if there was a problem with the replacement, but still no video. Remember all the connections are plugs , nothing to get the wrong way as they only can go back one way, so they should just work when plugged back in.

So my thought is:- The replacement gimbal caused a problem with the camera as it worked fine before the swap but didnt after the swap.