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Using your drone to indicate the windspeed/direction…tip

March 5, 2017
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March 5, 2017 admin

Using your drone to indicate the windspeed/direction…tip

We should know already the wind speed effects your flight and you shouldn’t fly in high winds above the speed your drone is capable of flying etc – but we do use a hand held gauge to check at the talk-off point but what about when your flying ?

There is an easy way to gauge both the speed and direction when your flying. That’s using the ‘Radar’ at the bottom of the Go app screen.

When you talk-off  gain height  to say 20m-30m flick to ATTI mode only for a few seconds and watch the drift distance and when you flick back to GPS mode you can see the bank angle needed plus the direction of drift can be seen. This can be done at each different height to check any differences. You might be surprized at what you find even on what seemed a calm day at take-off can be very different at height.

Remember use your instruments 🙂