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November 10, 2017 admin

Brenizer method images

The Brenizer Method is a term given to a technique that involves taking a large amount of images at a shallow depth of field by using a lens with a long focal length, then taking all of those images and stitching them together. This will create one single image with a beautiful wide-angle view of the scene with a very shallow depth of field and high-megapixel count. The technique was developed by a well-known wedding photographer by the name of Ryan Brenizer. His work is highly recognised for this style of imagery due to its unique look. What I love about the Brenizer Method is that you can get beautiful high-megapixel images that resemble a similar look that could have been created by a medium or large format camera.

Take overlapping images with your camera set like this…

Creating an image using the Brenizer method takes more time than just capturing a single image, but the results are well worth it. When using this method, you will create an image with:

  • Very high resolution
  • Very shallow depth of field (it equates to using a lens that has an f-stop less than 1)
  • Great bokeh

Step 1 – Prepare Your Settings

Aperture – Shoot as wide as your aperture will allow. For some lenses that might be f/1.2 for others it may be f/3.5, and for the rest, it will probably be somewhere in between. The wider you can go, the more amazing effect you will achieve.

White Balance – You will want to choose any white balance other than auto. As you position your camera, auto white balance might change the color temperature as you move from shade to a brighter area or vice versa. Manually setting the Kelvin temperature is my preferred method. If you aren’t familiar with manipulating your white balance.

Focal Length – As you take these shots, you want your focal length to stay exactly the same. Shooting with a prime lens makes this easy, otherwise make sure to hold your lens carefully if it tends to zoom in and out easily.

Focus – Once you’ve set your focus on your subject, change it to manual and don’t touch it again until you’re done shooting your series.

Perfect for trying this using your drone to get great ultra-hires images…

Step 2 – Post in Lightroom

Go through all the images and ONE photo apply any adjustment settings – once happy select all and sync the setting to all to alter all images the same. – whilst all are selected right click and Photo-Merge in Panarama.