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[ivan_title ico_family=”fa fa-” sub=”Show your projects with this mobile-ready slider with sweet options.” c_id=”.vc_1411494410530″]Portfolio Slider[/ivan_title]
[ivan_projects ivan_posts_per_page=”6″ ivan_columns=”3″ ivan_type=”carousel” ivan_margin=” no-margin” ivan_cover=” soft-cover” ivan_opacity=” no-opacity-hover” ico_family=”fa fa-” ivan_enable_read_more_txt=”READ MORE” ivan_img_size=”medium” c_id=”.vc_1411684275921″ arr_style=”style-opaque-box” ivan_carousel_nav=”no”]

This module is really powerful, it support all portfolio cover effects avaliable with custom arrows styles and support to any Post Type you have, like products or even normal posts.

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