Filling Station/Starbucks Developement

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The development is being created on the Barracks Road site at Gannow Top which was home to the former St Teresa’s RC Church for around 40 years. A spokesman for Euro Garages, which acquired the site last year, said this week the development was on schedule and should be open mid summer.The ambitious scheme is expected to create up to 40 jobs. The hugely popular Starbucks brand is expected to be a pull for many customers who are prepared to travel for the range of coffees, drinks and snacks that are the company’s trademark.

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The red brick building went up for sale in October, 2017, as part of a review of sweeping changes for churches in Burnley and Padiham by the Bishop of Salford in the wake of decreasing numbers and a drop in ordained priests. The sale of the church building was completed in February, 2017, after the Diocese said that an exploration of alternative uses for the building had failed to come up with an answer.

St Teresa’s was built in 1980 as a chapel-of-ease to St Mary Magdalene’s parish after the old St Mary Magdalene church had to be demolished for the construction of the M65.

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