Student Accomodation Build

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On the Banks is one of the largest and most exciting heritage led regeneration schemes underway in the North West, transforming one of the country’s best preserved areas of industrial heritage into a ‘destination’ for business, living, leisure and education.

Unique historic buildings that sit on the banks of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at the heart of Burnley are being restored with a modern 21st century twist, sensitively mixing historic features with iconic modern infrastructure creating unrivalled mixed use waterside sites.

Set on the north and south banks of the canal will provide inimitable public spaces, impressive office and creative work space, living accommodation, with leisure and retail centres on the water’s edge.

The site offers contemporary mixed-use development opportunities within a regeneration scheme of national profile and importance.

The On the Banks scheme will preserve the area’s stunning heritage assets, and match for the future, the scale, ambition and achievement of the town’s proud past when Burnley was leading the world in cotton manufacturer at the height of the industrial revolution.

Current work includes futureproofing UCLans ambitious growth plans by providing a 136 bedroom Student Accomodation facility.

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