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[ut_header align=”left” title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”Thwaites” title_color=”#252525″]Thwaites has started a new chapter in its history – as brewing has started on a new site in Ribble Valley, Lancashire.[/ut_header]

The company was intending to move the brewery, head office team and stables to the new home in September but damage caused by trespassers in May led to the plans being brought forward.

Cranes have been used to lift vessels out of the old brewery, over 600 metres of pipework has been laid and brewers have completed weeks of testing. Yesterday history as made, as the first official brewing took place.

Thwaites Director of Pubs and Brewing, Andrew Buchanan, said: “We are delighted to be back to brewing – we’ve been doing it for over 200 years, so it’s a craft we are particularly proud of.

“We were due to move everything to our new home in Mellor Brook next month but of course we had to come up with a new plan for our brewery as the Blackburn site is still out of action.

“Thankfully, Barnfield Construction has pulled out all the stops to get the brewery finished as quickly as possible so we have been able to bring that element forward.

“The new brewery looks fantastic and it’s just what we need to create our next 200 years of history.”

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