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1 good reason to choose the best insurance…

January 19, 2017
January 19, 2017 admin

1 good reason to choose the best insurance…

I’ve been in touch with my home insurer (Aviva) after reading somewhere that they’re pretty good with drones. They told me that the drone was covered at home, away from home, and even accidental loss. I asked how do you apply accidental loss to a drone? they said well if you flew it into the sea and couldn’t retrieve it. I also asked if flying it into a building and destroying it would class as accidental loss, he said yes, as it would be “accidental” as it would be silly to do it deliberately. All this being said, I’d still be expecting some push back from them if I did crash it accidentally, but you never know. However I might email them and ask for it in writing.

So, I did email my insurers…. here’s my email….

Dear Sir,
I’ve just come off the phone with your customer services to confirm that my drone (a DJI Phantom 4 Professional – valued at £1600) is covered on my home insurance. I was told that it was not required to be listed as a specified item. I was also told it is also covered for “accidental loss” outside of the home too, and he gave me 3 examples… the first was theft, the second was if I accidentally flew it into the sea or lost it after it malfunctioned and flew away for example and couldn’t be physically retrieved, or it was accidentally crashed and it was destroyed. I am wondering as drones don’t appear anywhere in my house documentation specifically, could you please confirm all of the above please?


The reply I got is very positive…..

Thanks for contacting us in relation to your policy.
In response to your email I can confirm all of the information you were given was correct. Due to the value of the Drone you have we do not need to specify it on your policy. Items valued over our single article limit of £2000 we look to specify on our Home Insurance Policies.
As you have Personal Belongings cover include on your Policy this covers you for your Drone in and away from the Home worldwide for Loss/Damage, this is stated under the Personal Belongings section on your Policy documents.
As standard under our Contents Policies we cover for all of the major perils therefore this would include Theft or Attempted Theft from the home.
Personal Liability under the Contents section automatically provides legal liability for damage or injury caused by these items.
I hope this helps but if you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

So I’m happy with that… 🙂 – Good to check with yours...