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A great DroneLapse tip

January 14, 2017
January 14, 2017 admin

A great DroneLapse tip

The main thing – it’s not a real timelapse. It’s a video speeded up 4 times (so it’s equivalent to 6fps video). Phantom 3 has a built-in intervalometer, but the shortest interval for RAW is 10 sec and for JPG only 5 sec. I tried that and it was too long – the result was impossible to stabilize (it would depend on your shots, but it’s a risky thing). Also here, Phantom 4 has better settings. I believe it has at least 2 sec interval, which would be better than five.

Of course, speeded up video has to be stabilized in post (that’s why I think it’s more like a hyperlapse). I tried a few things here and one seems to work best (of course it would depend on your footage). My first try is always Warp Stabilizer, but the result was bad… I though I would try a ReelSteady, which I have a Demo of for testing purposes. It turns out that I would have to render the speeded up footage to stabilize it – you can’t stabilize a Pre Comp with that plugin and stabilizer skips the speed change on the original footage. It’s a little bit disappointing to me, since I’m used to the Warp Stabilizer functionality.

So, finally, here are my DroneLapse tips for you:

  • If possible, frame the subject without horizon in the shot – it would be easier to stabilize
  • Use some kind of autonomic fly mode – Waypoint or even Point of Interest
  • Don’t fly too slow – the flight would be more stable, my shot was done at 11,5km/h (~7mph & ~3.2m/s)
  • Shoot video or the shortest interval possible in your device
  • Try different ways to stabilize the footage to get the best result
  • Add motion blur in post to better sell the effect

Thanks to TL video for this information.