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6 Easy Steps to downgrade your DJI P3 1.10 firmware

February 2, 2017
February 2, 2017 admin

6 Easy Steps to downgrade your DJI P3 1.10 firmware

Have you recently upgraded your firmware and are having problems , I have not but I know a lot have and thought it was not possible to roll back a version – well you can ! No need to get a screwdriver out or remove the lid. Worth a try!?

1. Use notepad on PC or Text edit on Mac to make new text file. The text file can be empty or you can write something in it.
2. Save the text file and name it “3S_FW_DEBUG” if you have P3A or “P3X_FW_DEBUG” if you have P3P.
3. Make sure that the debug file that you saved does not have file extension (.txt etc.) If needed, rename and remove the file extension.
4. Copy the newly made debug file and phantom fw v1.9.60 .bin file to the root of your SD card. (like the image), make sure you only downgrade to the next lowest FW in turn NOT one big jump to the lowest.

  • 1.10.0090
  • 1.9.0060
  • 1.8.0080
  • 1.7.0060

2017-02-02 (1)

5. Insert SD card to phantom, turn phantom on and let it perform the update ( or downgrade).
6. Enjoy your working phantom again .

Only the name of the debug file is important, not the content.