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Making your footage more cinematic…

December 12, 2016
December 12, 2016 admin

Making your footage more cinematic…

These FREE LUTs are perfect for professional video editors. Make your footage more cinematic with these free color grading tools.

Whether you are a professional colorist or a novice filmmaker, these free LUTs are perfect for giving your video footage a cinematic look. All of these LUTs do different things, but they have one thing in common: they’re all 100% free!

1. Ground Control Color: Nine Free LUTs

Type of LUTs: Conversion and Stylistic LUTs

Ground Control Color is a website that specializes in creating color LUTs for a variety of different cameras and recording formats. In addition to having a pretty impressive series of products, they also give give away a good selection of nine free LUTs for video editors. From the ‘Free LUTs’ page, users can download six free conversion LUTsand three stylistic color LUTs.

Download nine Free LUTs

Free LUTs for Color Grading
Video still from Ground Control Color ‘Falcon‘ LUT Pack

2. Juan Melara: Four Free LUTs

Type of LUTs: Print LUTs that can double as Stylistic LUTs

LUTs aren’t always just used to stylize footage. Sometimes they can actually be a good tool for making sure your colors are displayed accurately. This free LUT pack from Juan Melara is intended to be used to accurately export your footage for print reproduction. However, even if you don’t want to create a video for film distribution, these free LUTscan actually be used to add subtle stylization to your footage.

This awesome video created by Melara shows his free LUTs in action. Notice how the colors are more subtle than the other LUTs on this list. This free LUT pack is great if you’re trying to create a modern-style cinematic color grade. Melara also has a really detailed article covering how to use these LUTs to create a beautiful color grade.

Download Free Print LUTs

3. Color Grading Central: Seven Free LUTs, Color Presets, and Grains

Type of LUTs: Stylistic LUTs

If you’re an aspiring colorist or a video editor who takes color seriously, you really should know about Color Grading Central. CGC specializes in all things color grading. From grain to LUTs, their website is a great place to find a lot of really good color-related products. They also happen to give away a lot of free color grading resources to their email subscribers.

In addition to giving away seven free color LUTs, they’re also giving away an assortment of color presets, grains, and burns just for signing up for their email list. If you like giving your footage a shot-on-film look, I highly recommend checking them out.

Download Free LUTs, Presets, Grains, and Burns

Osiris LUT PackVideo still from the Osiris LUT Pack

4. SmallHD: Seven Free LUTs

Type of LUTs: Stylistic LUTs

If you aren’t already familiar with SmallHD, the company primarily focuses on creating some of the best portable on-set monitors in the world. They also give away free LUTs for real-time on-set monitoring. This free pack (appropriately labeled the Movie Look LUT pack) gets its inspiration from modern films in seven various styles. If you want to give your footage a dramatic and familiar look, I highly recommend checking out this free LUT pack from SmallHD.

Download Free LUTs

Free Color LUTs from SmallHDA small sample of the free ‘Movie Look’ LUT pack from SmallHD

5. DeLUTs: One Free LUT

Type of LUT: Stylistic LUT

While LUTs aren’t traditionally used for creating hipster-style footage, this free LUT from DeLUTs is a great tool for giving your footage a nice hipster vibe. The stylistic LUT brings up the blacks and creates nice deep blues and warm highlights. Perfect for every hipster filmmaker.

Download Free Hipster Color LUT

Free Hipster LUTsA still of the free LUT from DeLUTs in action

6. Frank Glencairn: One Free Vintage LUT

Type of LUT: Emulation LUT

Despite having the latest in filmmaking technology at our fingertips, there’s just something about a vintage film look that looks amazing. Frank Glencairn has created a cool K-Tone LUT designed to emulate the style of vintage Kodachrome film.

Download Free Vintage LUT

Kodachrome Example, Vintage LUTsAn example of a classic Kodachrome style color grade

(Bonus) PremiumGrades: Twenty Free Color Presets for After Effects

Type of Preset: Stylistic Color Preset

While technically not a color grading LUT, these twenty free presets from right here on PremiumBeat are perfect for giving your footage a vintage look. The twenty free presets are designed to work with After Effects, so if you’re working on a motion graphic or video editing project in Adobe, these free presets are perfect for you.

Download Free Color Presets for After Effects