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Top tips using drone batteries in the cold weather

November 13, 2016
November 13, 2016 admin

Top tips using drone batteries in the cold weather

November of 2015, some places are snowing already, some places are just getting cold, but it doesn’t stop us from flying…However we have to be careful flying in this weather conditions…well we know that batteries used in DJI aircraft are Li-Po batteries. Li-Po stands for Lithium-Polymer, which means it allows us to withdraw a lot of power out of small battery pack.

Basic knowledge:
1.      Full charge your battery before each flight.
2.      Never overdischarge your battery
3.      Cycle the battery by discharging to 8% and full charging again every 20 flights
4.      Intelligent flight batteries can automatically discharge themselves to enter storage mode
5.      Discharge time depends on users settings and takes from 1 to 10 days
Alright, let’s get back to our topic. Since Li-Po batteries are not made to fly below 0 degree C battery performance can be not as good as in a normal temperature 5C to 30C
Low temperature flight negative consequences:
1.      Shorten flight time
2.      Fast voltage drop
Ways to prevent the issues described up there:
1.      Never store packs in cold
2.      Start the motors but don’t fly up, let your bird to warm up for a minute. If lipo is below 15*c you won’t be able to start the motors with the latest firmware version – so keep them in your pocket or on the car heaters

3.      Please keep the aircraft hovering for 30 to 60 seconds before taking further action.

4.      Do not keep the aircraft fully accelerated for long time.
5.      Be gentle on a RC sticks
6.      Outdoors keep your batteries in thermal insulation box/bag with bag of hot rice  
(Uncooked rice warmed up in a microwave keeps  temperature very good-50p a bag)
7.      Inspire owners can use the battery insulation stickers
8.     Inspire owners also can use a battery heater to pre-heat their batteries before the flight.

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