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The finished articles

Just a few of the final videos that we had a hand in providing the aerial footage for.

The Navvies Who Built The Bramhope Tunnel (trailer)

The story of how the Bramhope Tunnel was built (1845 – 1849) and the many lives that were lost in its creation.
A documentary film featuring music by Serious Sam Barrett and Summercross.

Running time 34 minutes.

Linden Homes Hatfield (August 2019)

A short film featuring Harpers Heath in Hatfield, a new development by Linden Homes.

Pendle Hill Summit Restoration

A film for Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership showing various work done to restore and enhance the summit of Pendle Hill. This includes improvements to the pathways, the building of a dry stone wall seating area, ongoing peat restoration and the creation of a 12 stone art installation around the trig point.

Linden Homes (Millers Retreat Pocklington)

A short film featuring Millers Retreat in Pocklington, a new development by Linden Homes.

The Search for Malkin Tower

A film for the Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership Scheme, following the progress of an archaeological project and the hunt for real life witches, in Blacko (Summer 2018).

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