The DJI Mini 2 packs powerful performance in an impossibly light body. The Mini 2 is sub 250 grams which falls into one of the new UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) categories. This means we can fly the Mini 2 in residential, recreational, commercial and industrial areas.

The Mini 2 features an amazing 4K camera which for a small form factor of this size is unheard of. By combining this powerful 4K camera with our PGYTech filters, we can achieve results which would have previously been impossible with a drone of this size.The other added benefit of this small drone is that we can easily fly it through trees, under branches and of course indoors.

Check out this video filmed entirely with the DJI Mini 2 which demonstrates the capabilities of this amazing little camera.


  • Manufacturer: DJI
  • Model: Mini 2
  • Payload: 4K Camera
  • Speed: 35 mph
  • Airtime: 30 minutes.

A great little swiss army knife drone.